Litigation Law Track

This track is designed to prepare students academically and practically for litigation practice or other careers relating to dispute resolution. The specialized track courses focus on the processes of dispute resolution and lawyers’ roles from an analytical perspective, as well as on practical advocacy skills.

Coordinator: Davis, Michael

Patent Law Track

This track is designed for students who intend to practice in the specialized field of patent law. Approximately twenty percent of the 89 credit hours required for graduation must be in patent law courses. The remaining eighty percent of the credit hours are in courses outside patent law; however, many patent track students will pursue related courses in copyright and trademark law.

Coordinator: Newman, Christopher

Regulatory Law Track

This track is prepares students for practice in and before the numerous agencies that regulate business and other activities. Approximately one-third of the credits required for graduation must be in regulatory law courses.

Coordinator: Muris, Timothy