The Antonin Scalia Law School, George Mason University prides itself on its rigorous Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis ("LRWA") program. The LRWA program includes four mandatory semesters of legal writing: introduction to legal research, writing, analysis; trial level writing; legal drafting; and appellate writing. The program introduces law students to the fundamental tools of the legal profession by focusing on legal analysis, objective and persuasive legal writing skills, book-based as well as computerized research, oral advocacy, and legal citation. Instruction for the first year of the program is modeled after law firm-style practical teaching - class time is split between large lectures by Suzanne FitzGerald, Director First Year LRWA program and smaller breakout sessions run by Writing Fellows, third and fourth year law students with special training in LRWA instruction and evaluation.  Writing Fellows themselves have successfully completed the LRWA program and are  selected based on writing GPA, journal membership, professional experience, and other relevant experience.

For more information, please contact Suzanne FitzGerald, Director, First Year Legal Research, Writing, and Analysis Program.