On Friday, August 12, the School of Law welcomed its fall 2011 entering class of JD students. This year's class of 186 matriculants is somewhat smaller than the unusually large class of 303 students matriculating in fall 2010. Day students in fall 2011 number 154, while 32 students attend law school in the evening class.

Entering JD students in fall 2011 were selected from an applicant pool of over 4,500 individuals, of which twenty-four percent received offers of admission to Mason Law. The entering class has a median LSAT of 164 and a median GPA of 3.72 and is derived from 107 different undergraduate institutions. Fifty-five percent of matriculants are male, while forty-five percent are female. Over half the entering class (fifty-four percent) came to Mason Law from outside the Commonwealth. The remaining forty-six percent of matriculants are residents of Virginia.

The average age of entering students this year is 24.4 years.