We know our applicants are experiencing unique challenges as they plan for their legal education. Whether you are a prospect still working through the application, an applicant on our wait list, or an admitted student anxious about the fall semester, this page has information for you. You have already put in a lot of work to get this far and we don’t want you to lose your momentum. We’ll work through this together.

Prospective JD Students

What is the LSAT-Flex?

LSAC is offering an online, remotely proctored version of the LSAT — called the LSAT-Flex. The August LSAT-Flex will be administered during the week of Saturday, August 29, to Friday, September 4. Please visit LSAC for details on the test and other potential dates.

Will Scalia Law accept the LSAT-Flex?


Will the LSAT-Flex be looked at any differently from the regular LSAT scores?

No. These scores will be weighted like any other LSAT score.

My LSAT-Flex score might not be reported until after the application deadline. Can I still apply?

Yes. We realize that the change to the LSAT schedule has delayed many applicants’ plans. Please submit your application by July 20 and we will hold a decision until your most recent score is reported. This includes the June and July LSAT-Flex administrations if you are scheduled to take one of them.

Is there another option if I am unable to take the LSAT?

Yes, Scalia Law accepts GRE test scores in lieu of the LSAT. The GRE is currently available to be taken from home with the proper technology.

Applicants who take the GRE instead of the LSAT must have the Educational Testing Service (ETS) send Scalia Law their GRE score. Applicants with both GRE and LSAT scores may not submit GRE scores.

My last semester of my undergraduate university has given the option of Pass/Fail grades. How will Scalia Law view this on my transcript?

We realize that many colleges and universities are going to Credit/No Credit or Pass/Fail options. We will not view this negatively on your transcript. Remember that we are part of a university setting and are fully sympathetic to the challenges students are going through.

Prospective LLM Students

My English proficiency test location has closed due to the coronavirus and I am unable to take the test. Will you waive this requirement?

For applicants whose native language is not English, and do not possess a degree from a college or university whose primary language of instruction is English, a current TOEFL, IELTS, or Duolingo score showing sufficient proficiency in the English language is required. All three tests are available to be taken in an online, remotely proctored format. For links to each testing website, visit our How to Apply page.

The university I attended is closed and I cannot send my official transcripts to the LSAC Credential Assembly Service (CAS). Can I still apply to an LLM program?

Yes, if you have unofficial transcripts, you may submit those as an attachment to your application or email them to lawadmit@gmu.edu when you submit your LLM application through your LSAC account. We are able to review your application with a copy of your unofficial transcripts. If you are admitted, it will be conditional upon receiving official transcripts as soon as your university allows after re-opening.

Students On Wait List

Will taking the LSAT-Flex help my changes in getting off the wait list?

It may. We will review supplements to your application, including new LSAT scores. If your score has improved, it may help your chances in getting admitted off of the wait list.

May I update my application with the July LSAT-Flex score?

Yes, we will accept a score update from the July LSAT administration. LSAC anticipates that the July LSAT-Flex score will be release on July 30. The time to process and review applications means that any students admitted after this test will be very close to the start of new student orientation on August 16 and the first day of class on August 24.

If you applied with the GRE, you may also submit an updated score if you retake the exam. Please note the GRE is available to be taken from home which may provide you additional flexibility.

Students Admitted To Incoming Class of 2020

Will you extend the deadline to pay my seat deposits?

We have not extended our deadline however we are considering individual requests and will be as accommodating as possible. For example, we know that some applicants to our JD and LLM programs are currently overseas and their return date is uncertain. We are working with everyone we can to make sure admitted students can join Scalia Law’s incoming class of fall 2020.

Are classes going to be held online this fall?

Our spring and summer courses were taught online. The university is actively planning for all possibilities this fall. The law school is following the situation and abiding by the recommended guidelines from Virginia Governor Northam. We will share more details when they are available.


George Mason University’s Coronavirus/COVID-19 site

LSAC’s LSAT-Flex site

GRE test site