Admission to the JM Degree Program is highly competitive. To be admitted to the program, the following is required:

  • All applicants must have a conferred bachelor degree from an institution of higher education accredited by a Mason-recognized U.S. institutional accrediting agency or international equivalent;
  • If an applicant has completed post-secondary work outside the U.S., the applicant must use either World Education Series (WES) or AACRAO International Services for evaluation of the international transcripts.
  • All applicants for admission must have demonstrated high academic standing, and professional achievements or positions indicating the applicant's capacity for performing master's-level work.

Applications are not evaluated until all required supporting documents have been provided to the Graduate Admissions office.


Applications are processed on a rolling basis. Deadlines posted below are the final dates applications will be considered for a cycle. Seat numbers are limited and can be filled prior to the application deadline. F-1 applicants must adhere to our F-1 application deadlines. We recommend applying early for faster connections to academic advising, career services, and faculty and alumni meet and greets.
Application deadlines:
  • August 15th, 2022 for the Fall semester
  • January 15th, 2023 for the Spring semester
F-1 Application deadlines:
  • May 15th, 2022 for the Fall semester
  • November 1st, 2022 for the Spring semester


  1. Application
  2. Official Undergraduate Transcript:
    Applicants must submit all transcripts from college or university level work and degrees.
  3. 500-Word Statement
    The applicant is required to submit a 500-word statement of educational and professional goals, double-spaced, that will serve as both a statement of purpose and a writing sample. The thoughts and words of the 500-word statement must be uniquely those of the applicant, no other(s) may assist in the creation of this statement.
  4. Résumé:
    The applicant must submit a resume. There is no page limit.
  5. Letters of Recommendation:
    Please submit at least one letter of recommendation addressing the applicant's academic and professional potential.
  6. Interview:
    All applicants must complete an informal interview with the Director of Juris Master (JM) Degree Program in person, by phone, or Skype. The admissions office will contact those candidates who are selected for interviews to schedule a convenient time to talk.
  7. Virginia In-State Tuition Rates:
    if you believe you qualify for in-state tuition please fill out the Application for Virginia In-State Tuition Rates and submit together with a copy of your Driver’s License to See the State Council of Higher Education for Virginia Domicile Guidelines and the George Mason University Domicile Office for information regarding in-state tuition rate eligibility.
  8. GRE, GMAT, MCAT or LSAT scores:
    Standardized test scores are not required, but should be submitted if taken by the applicant. If applicable, the Educational Testing Service (ETS) should directly send Scalia Law School the GRE, GMAT, MCAT or LSAT score. The ETS school code for Scalia Law School is 2737.


  • Please request that your official transcripts from your educational institution abroad be sent directly to either World Education Series (WES) or AACRAO International Services. 
  • English Proficiency
    For applicants whose native language are not English, and do not possess a degree from a college or university whose primary language of instruction is English, current TOEFL or IELTS scores showing sufficient proficiency in the English language are required.
    Scores required:

    TOEFL: Minimum of 90 in the iBT test (100 or above highly preferred)
    IELTS: Minimum of 6.5 (7.5 or above highly preferred);

    For test schedules and information please visit:

    The George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School Institution code is 5827. English proficiency will also be assessed during the mandatory interview.

  • International Student Certificate of Financial Responsibility Form: required for students accepted to the JM Degree Program who will need to apply for a student (F-1 or J-1) visa. After admission candidates will receive this form by email with all necessary information.


To be considered for admission to the Juris Master (JM) Degree Program at George Mason University Antonin Scalia Law School,  applicants must provide the above items via e-mail or regular mail to:

Graduate Admissions
Antonin Scalia Law School
3301 Fairfax Drive, MS 1G3
Arlington, Virginia 22201


Applications are reviewed on a rolling basis. Depending upon the time of year, we hope to send an initial decision within 2-4 weeks, but it may take longer for an application to be thoroughly reviewed.

Important Notes on Race/Ethnicity

The U.S. Department of Education is requiring educational institutions to begin reporting data utilizing a two-part race and ethnicity question in response to increased diversity within the U.S.

1. Ethnicity is based on the following categorization:

Hispanic or Latino: A person of Cuban, Mexican, Puerto Rican, South or Central American, or other Spanish culture or origin, regardless of race. The term "Spanish origin" can be used in addition to "Hispanic or Latino."

2. Race is based on the following five categorizations:

American Indian or Alaska Native: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of North and South America (including Central America), and who maintains tribal affiliation or community attachment.

Asian: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of the Far East, Southeast Asia, or the Indian subcontinent, including for example, Cambodia, China, India, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, the Philippine Islands, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Black or African American: A person having origins in any of the black racial groups of Africa. 

Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or an other Pacific Island.

White: A person having origins in any of the original peoples of Europe, the Middle East, or North Africa.

This data will be used only for informational purposes and will not be used to discriminate against or penalize any applicant, or to determine immigration status.