LLM in Law and Economics

Scalia Law – A Leader in Law & Economics

The Master of Laws (LLM) Degree in Law and Economics is designed to provide law graduates the opportunity to develop an expertise in the skills of economic analysis as they are applied to a variety of legal issues. Economics touches private law, intellectual property law, international business law, regulatory law and other areas that students may explore. Scalia Law School is one of the nation’s leading centers for the study of law and economics, and over the past 15 years, the law school has assembled a distinctive, interdisciplinary faculty—many of whom hold doctorates in economics, philosophy, political science or related fields—to instruct students in the application of economic analyses to legal issues.

Students in the LLM program will be selected from:

  • Recent law school graduates who did not have the opportunity to take law and economics courses during their law school careers;
  • Recent law school graduates who took some law and economics courses but want to fill in gaps or broaden their training;
  • Attorneys working in the field of law and economics or regulatory law who want to accelerate the progress of their careers;
  • Attorneys not working in the field of law and economics who want to break into that field or otherwise enhance their professional careers.

The LLM in Law & Economics offers students unique training in law and economics through a cross-disciplinary approach to the law that is particularly instructive for the careers of Washington, D.C. area lawyers. Scalia Law is internationally recognized as a leading center of research in law and economics, constitutional political economy, and public choice theory.

Supremely Located Near Washington, D.C.

Our location just minutes from the heart of the nation’s capital is key to the successful study of law and economics. The Department of Justice, federal regulatory agencies, and many of the world’s most influential firms are all located in Washington, D.C. This key location gives Scalia Law students access to the most relevant developments in the economics analysis of legal and public policy. To learn more about how our location is essential to a valuable education on the topic of antitrust, visit Mason Advantage.

The Law & Economics Center (LEC)

In addition to all that Washington, D.C. has to offer, exciting policy discussions take place on the Scalia Law campus at the prestigious Law & Economics Center (LEC). The LEC is a nexus for academic research and education that focuses on the timely and relevant economic analysis of legal and public policy issues confronting policy makers worldwide. Scalia Law students have unparalleled access to LEC activities, which include hosting academic conferences and roundtables, providing judicial education programs, and fostering research in the areas of law and economics. Visit the LEC web site for further information.

Comprehensive Course Offerings

Scalia Law’s unparalleled faculty teaches a rich and diverse curriculum in the area of law and economics. To earn an LLM in Law and Economics, students must complete 24 - 26 credit hours of coursework. Students may study full time and complete the program in one academic year, or part time for up to three years. These hours will be made up of required courses, restricted electives, and a thesis, seminar or writing course to fulfill the LLM writing requirement.  View the Curriculum section for full information on course offerings in the areas of law and economics, as well as the program of study for the LLM program.

Career Resources

In addition to high-quality academic offerings, Scalia Law provides excellent services to it’s LLM students. The director of the LLM program works with each LLM student individually to formulate a job-search strategy. The number of students in the Scalia Law LLM program is limited to ensure that each student receives individualized attention, especially in the area of career services and professional development. Scalia Law’s location just outside of Washington, D.C. gives ample opportunity to meet and network with professionals in the field of antitrust law, policy, and litigation.

The LLM program director works closely with the Career an Academic Services Office (CAS) to provide appropriate services to LLM students. Although the Scalia Law School cannot guarantee employment during law school or upon graduation, we make every effort to help our students and graduates find suitable employment opportunities. Year after year, many judges, law firms, government agencies, and other employers seek our students and graduates.

A Great Value

Besides the preeminent faculty, stellar location, and high degree of service it offers its students, Scalia Law is also the most affordable option for LLM study in the northern Virginia/D.C. area. Visit Financing Your Education for full information on funding your LLM at Mason.