How-To: Appellate Courtroom (see also Trial Courtroom Tutorial)



The Appellate Courtroom has a digital recording system that allows users to either record MP4 files and play them back using QuickTimeVLC Media Player, or stream video over the web. The system is the same as the the one installed in the Trial Courtroom.


  1. To view the cameras in quad mode:
    Press the "Quad View" button.  
  2. To view only one camera at a time:
    Press the "Single View" button.  
  3. To record:
    • RecordSelect the "Record" icon. The icon will turn red when recording is active. All video and audio output that is visible or audible on the monitors and speakers in the room will be recorded, including any PowerPoint presentations, satellite TV, etc. used during the session.
    • Stop the recording by touching the "Record" icon again.
    • To view the recording, open a web browser to for the Appellate Courtroom. You will see a list of recently recorded sessions, with the most recent sessions at the bottom. click on the "mp4" file, not the "xml" file. Use QuickTime or VLC Media Player to play the recording. 
    • To save the video file to your computer, right-click on the "mp4" file and select "Save link as..." (or similar) and save it to your hard drive.
      Note: The recorded sessions will NOT be kept on the server forever, so the only way to ensure that it will not be lost in the future is to save it to your hard drive.  

  4. To stream the video on the internet:
    Contact Law Support at 703-993-4855 for the web address that you will need to view  the live video stream. Use QuickTime or VLC Media Player  to play the live stream. 
    Note: For off-campus viewing, users must sign in using George Mason's Virtual Private Network (VPN).
    Press the "Stream" button.