How-To: Audio-Visual Equipment


The clicker/pointer is a:

  1. PowerPoint Remote Control (Navigate through PowerPoint presentations from anywhere in the room)
  2. Laser Pointer (Point at objects from across the room)
  1. Activate the touch screen console, if you haven't done so already. (Touch the screen. If it prompts you for a PIN, enter the PIN. Call 3-8226 if you don't know the PIN. If it doesn't prompt you for a PIN, the system is already activated.)
  2. Touch the "PC" or "Laptop" button on the left side of the console, to use the clicker/pointer with a PC or laptop, respectively. The screen at the front of the classroom will automatically lower (if it isn't already down). See also the instructions for using the PC and the instructions for using a laptop.
  3. Open drawer and remove the clicker/pointer. (Note: It may be in a black fabric "wrapper." If so, remove from the wrapper.)

    Note: If you need a key to the drawer, contact Deborah Keene (3-8110, or Carlos Sandoval, (3-8261,
  4. Turn on the clicker/pointer. The switch is on the left side.
  5. Remove the USB receiver from the back of the clicker pointer.
  6. Insert the USB receiver in a USB port.
    • To use with the PC (the main computer), insert the USB receiver in the USB port on the main console next to the touch screen.
    • To use with a laptop, insert the USB receiver in one of the USB ports on the laptop.
  7. Navigating through PowerPoint slide shows:
    To go forward or backward, use the right and left arrow buttons, respectively.
  8. To blank the projector (temporarily turn it off):
    Click on the button with the icon that looks like a black screen.
  9. To use the laser pointer:
    • Click on the red laser button (in between the left and right arrows) to activate the red laser pointer.
    • Let go of the button to turn the laser off.
  10. Turn things off when you're done.
    • Remove the USB receiver of the clicker/pointer and insert it in the back of the clicker/pointer .
    • Turn off the clicker/pointer.
    • To turn off the whole system at the end of a class, click the "End" button on the touchscreen.
  11. Return clicker/pointer to drawer, and lock the drawer.