How-To: Audio-Visual Equipment

Document Camera

The purpose of the Document Camera is to project regular documents (e.g. paper, notepads, books, or other objects) on the screen for the class to see. The concept is similar to older style "overhead projectors," but the Document Camera does not require transparencies.

You can zoom in or out, and you can "freeze" the image on the screen to allow you to remove the document without losing the image on the screen.

  1. Activate the touch screen console, if you haven't done so already. (Touch the screen. If it prompts you for a PIN, enter the PIN. Call 3-8226 if you don't know the PIN. If it doesn't prompt you for a PIN, the system is already activated.)
  2. Touch the "DocuCam" button on the left side of the console. The light on the document camera will automatically turn on, and the screen at the front of the classroom will automatically lower (if it isn't already down).
  3. Place your document (or other object) on the white platform, face up, at the bottom of the document camera. (Note: Never write on the white platform. Place a piece of paper on it and write on the paper instead.)
  4. To zoom in or out, move the zoom wheel forward or backward, respectively.
  5. To freeze the image (take a temporary "photo"), click the "Freeze" button. This will allow you to move the document off of the platform without losing the image on the screen.
  6. To blank the projector (temporarily turn it off), click on the "Blank" button on the right side of the touch console. To turn the projector back on, click on "Blank" again.
  7. Turn things off when you're done.
    • To turn off the Document Camera only (not the rest of the system), click on the light blue power button at the back of the white document platform
    • To turn off the whole system at the end of a class, click the "End" button on the touchscreen