How-To: Audio-Visual Equipment

DVD Player

  1. Activate the touch screen console, if you haven't done so already. (Touch the screen. If it prompts you for a PIN, enter the PIN. Call 3-8226 if you don't know the PIN. If it doesn't prompt you for a PIN, the system is already activated.)
  2. Touch the "DVD" button on the left side of the console. The screen at the front of the classroom will automatically lower (if it isn't already down).
  3. The DVD player is below the countertop, on the right side next to the VCR player.
  4. Press the open/eject button on the DVD player.
  5. Insert the DVD.
  6. Press on the DVD drawer to close it.
  7. Use the controls on the touchscreen to control DVD playback.
  8. To adjust the volume, use the volume control buttons to the right of the touchscreen.
  9. Turn things off when you're done.
    1. Turn off any microphones that are in use and return them to the microphone drawer.
    2. To turn off the whole system at the end of a class, click the "End" button on the touchscreen.
  10. Lock the drawer (if it is unlocked).