How-To: Audio-Visual Equipment


  1. Activate the touch screen console, if you haven't done so already. (Touch the screen. If it prompts you for a PIN, enter the PIN. Call 3-8226 if you don't know the PIN. If it doesn't prompt you for a PIN, the system is already activated.)
  2. Open the drawer and remove the microphone(s) you want to use. The microphones are kept in black zippered pouches. (If you need a key, contact Deborah Keene (3-8110,

    The available microphones include:
    • A podium microphone (this may be on the podium already)
    • A clip-on microphone
    • Several hand-held microphones
  3. Turn on the microphone(s). Note: If the microphone does not turn on, it may need a new battery. Batteries are in the microphone drawer. Don't put dead batteries back in the drawer. Batteries should be recycled (not thrown away).
    • Podium microphone — click the button on top of the microphone's base, until light turns blue. If this doesn't work, turn it upside down and turn the microphone on, then try again to activate the blue light on the top of the microphone's base.
    • Clip-on microphone — switch on top.
    • Hand-held microphone — switch on side.
  4. Adjust the volume, if necessary. Click on the blue "Mic Vol" button on the touchscreen. The master volume is on the top. Each type of microphone is independently adjustable.
  5. To mute all microphones, click the "Mute" button on the side of the touchscreen panel. To unmute, click the mute button again.

  6. IMPORTANT! Turn microphone(s) off when you're done!
  7. IMPORTANT! Return microphones to their pouches, place in drawer, and lock drawer.
  8. Click "End" on the touchscreen at the end of the class to turn everything off.