How-To: Trial Courtroom (see also Appellate Courtroom Tutorial)

Conference Call


The purpose of the "Telephone Conference" option is to allow you to call other people at remote locations by phone and allow other people in the room to hear and participate in the conversation.


  1. Activate the "Telephone Conference" Menu:
    Login > Audio > Telephone Conference
    Note: If you don't see the "Audio" option on the screen, select "Return" (bottom left of screen) until you reach the main menu, then click on Audio > Conference Call.
  2. To call another number:
    Touch the numbers you wish to dial, then select "Dial."
    Use the "Backspace" button to erase a number if necessary.
    Note: To dial GMU numbers, use only the 5 digit extension.
  3. To have someone call in:
    Instruct the caller to dial 703-993-8982 (or 3-8982 if calling from a GMU phone).
  4. Adjust the volume using the up or down arrows next to the volume indicator. You may also need to adjust the master Room Volume control.
    Note: The master Room Volume is always muted when you start up the system. You can unmute it by clicking on the mute/unmute button.
  5. When finished with the call, select "Hang Up."