How-To: Trial Courtroom (see also Appellate Courtroom Tutorial)



The speakers that the control refers to in the "Speakers" menu are the small speakers on the desks of the witness stand and the jury bench. These speakers are generally not necessary if the room volume is loud enough, but they can be useful if either the witness or a juror is hard of hearing or if one of the participants is especially soft-spoken.


  1. Activate the "Speakers" Menu:
    Login > Audio > Speakers. Note: If you don't see the "Speakers" or "Audio" option on the screen, select "Return" (bottom left of screen) until you reach the main menu, then click on Audio > Speakers.
  2. Check the "Room Volume" settings to make sure they are set appropriately.
  3. To change the volume, click on the up and down arrows next to the volume bar for the corresponding speaker that you want to control.
  4. To mute a speaker, click on the mute button between the up and down volume buttons for the corresponding speaker.