How-To: Trial Courtroom (see also Appellate Courtroom Tutorial)

Control Panel


Main Control Panel. The touch-screen control panel allows you to control the electronic features of the courtroom. The main control panel is found on the podium.

Portable Wireless Control Panels. There are also portable wireless control panels with all of the same features as the control panel on the podium. The portable wireless models allow you to access the controls from anywhere within the room.

Remote Access via the Web. It is possible to access the controls remotely from a web browser. See the section on remote access or more information.


  1. Activate the screen. Touch the screen to activate it.
  2. Enter the PIN. Enter the PIN by touching the numbers. View the help page for contact info if you do not know the PIN. Once the PIN has been entered, you will see a "Welcome" screen.
  3. Select the appropriate options. You can control the volume, video (including satellite TV, DVD/VCR, etc. with the controls on this panel. Use the main menu at the top of this page to view tutorials on each of the individual features.