How-To: Trial Courtroom (see also Appellate Courtroom Tutorial)

Document Camera

The document camera allows you to display objects (papers, books, photographs, 3-d objects, 35mm slides) on the computer screens and plasma screens.

  1. Before you can display the document camera on the screen, the plasma screens must be turned on. To turn them on, Select "Video" on the touch screen, then "More Video." Then select "Plasma" and Touch the "On" buttons for the Front Plasma and/or Rear Plasma.
  2. Unlock the drawer on the right side of the podium and slide the drawer out. (If you don't have a key, contact Deborah Keene 3-8110.).
  3. Lift up the document camera by the light blue tab. The light on the document camera should automatically turn on when the camera is extended to its full height.
  4. Select the "Video" option on the touch screen, then select "Doc Cam."
  5. To display objects on the base: Place the object you wish to project on the base of the document camera. You will see a small video image of the object to the upper left of the base.
  6. To display a 35mm slide: select the "Slide" option on the touch screen, then place the slide in the slide area at the back of the base.
  7. To zoom in, rotate the zoom wheel.
  8. To "freeze" the image (which is essentially like taking a picture of the item), click on the "Freeze" button.
  9. When you're done, turn off the Document Camera light before folding it down. The Power switch is on the right side of the base.
  10. Fold the document camera down, then close and lock the drawer.