How-To: Trial Courtroom (see also Appellate Courtroom Tutorial)

Remote Access


It is possible to access the control panel from any computer (including off-campus) via the internet. The remote version of the control panel offers all of the same functionality as the control panel on the podium, or the wireless control panels. This functionality is restricted to authorized personnel. Contact Jose Coradin or Deborah Keene if you feel you need remote access to the control panel.


  1. Install the X-Panel software. This software is restricted to authorized personnel. See the help page for information on who to contact to gain access to this software.
  2. Start the X-Panel software.
  3. Use your mouse to manipulate the control panel in essentially the same way that you would use your finger to manipulate the controls on the podium or wireless control panels.
  4. Note: Anyone else who happens to be looking at a control panel—whether on the podium, or on a wireless unit, or on another instance of the X-Panel—will be able to see all of your actions. All of the control panels are connected and show the same thing to all of the users.