How-To: Trial Courtroom (see also Appellate Courtroom Tutorial)



The VCR allows you to play a VHS tape on the monitors and (optionally) the plasma screens. The VCR is located in the podium cabinet.


  1. Activate the VCR/DVD Menu:
    Login > Video >VCR/DVD
    Note: If you don't see the "VCR/DVD" option on the screen, select "Return" (bottom left of screen) until you reach the main menu, then click on Video > VCR/DVD
  2. Select the "VCR" option.
  3. Insert the tape in the VCR in the podium cabinet.
    Note: You will need a key to access the cabinet. If you do not have a key, view the help page for the contact information of people you can contact to obtain a key.
  4. Use the controls on the control panel (play, pause, stop, etc.) to control playback of the VHS tape.