The Online Library Catalog allows you to search for materials owned by all of the George Mason University libraries, including the Law Library. The location symbol for the Law Library is LL.

Accessing the Library Catalog


Searching the Online Library Catalog

The default search option is Simple Search.

Library Catalog Simple Search


  1. Under Find Results in: Choose a search option, such as Title, Keyword, Author.
  2. Type your search terms in the FindThis box.
  3. Choose a Quick Limit (optional), such as Law Library.
  4. Click Search.


Search Tips

Title: Enter as much of the title as you know and omit initial articles such as a, an and the

Keyword: Must combine search words using and, or, not. Enclose phrases in quotation marks.
e.g. criminal and law or “criminal law”

Author: Enter the last name, then the first, e.g. lafave wayne


Builder Search

This is an advanced search that allows you to build a combined (boolean) search.

Library Catalog Builder Search

  1. Type your search terms or phrases in the Search for boxes.
  2. Using the first set of drop-down menus, choose how the system should search for the term, e.g. as a phrase, all of these, any of these.
  3. In the Search in boxes, select a specific field in which to find your search term, e.g. Title, Author, Keyword Anywhere, etc.
  4. Combine additional search terms by clicking on the radio buttons before AND, OR, NOT.
  5. Click Search.


Title List

When you do a keyword or title search, you will retrieve a list of titles. Click the title to see the full record. Note: LL stands for Law Library.

 Library Catalog Title List


Saving the Results Using Email

 Library Catalog Email Option

From the box at the bottom of the screen, type in your e-mail address in the box provided then click on the email icon.


Finding the Book in the Library

Three pieces of information are needed from the library catalog record to locate the book in the library.

  • Location – Tells you in which library the book is located. LL = Law Library
  • Call Number – Tells you where in the library the book is shelved.
  • Status – Tells you if the book is checked out or not checked out.


Other Aids for Finding Materials in the Law Library