Library Information

Library Hours. A complete list of our hours is here.

Rules & Policies. Our library is open to members of the George Mason University community including students, faculty, staff, and alumni. We ask visitors to sign in and show a photo ID. We also ask that visitors refrain from talking on their cell phone, eating, or talking loudly while in the library. Drinks are permitted, so long as they are in a container with a lid. Please help us to maintain a quiet and safe study space. A list of our rules is here.

Reference Office Hours. During Fall and Spring semesters, reference librarians are on duty M-Th 9-9, Fri 9-5 and Sunday 2-9. Reference librarians can help Mason paralegal students locate resources in our library but are not able to provide instruction in the use of resources or help interpret homework assignments.

Copy Machines and Printers. Copy machines and printers in the library are operated by the University’s Print Services unit. Visitors must purchase a copy/print card for $1, and then load money to the card. The card dispenser takes only cash, small bills. Copies and printing are ten cents per page. Alternatively, most of our databases allow you to download information and save it to a flash drive.

Internet. Access to the Internet (for general web browsing, email, etc.) is not provided in our library. We also do not provide Wi-Fi access.

Print Materials Location

See our full Subject and Title Location Guide.

Federal statutes and regulations are located on the second floor.

U.S. Supreme Court materials are located on the second floor.

Virginia materials are located on the second floor in ranges. We also maintain a Virginia Quick Reference section on the first floor including a second copy of: the Code of Virginia; Michie’s Jurisprudence; Virginia and West Virginia Digest; Virginia Forms; and Virginia Rules Annotated.

South Eastern Reporter and Digest are located on the second floor. The digest is updated only through 2005. The Reporter is updated only through August 2015.

There is a small collection of Maryland and Washington, D.C. materials on the second floor.

Decennial Digests are located on the second floor.

AmJur, ALRs, the Restatements, and federal Form Books are on the second floor.

Dictionaries: law and non-law dictionaries are located on dictionary stands throughout the library.

The Library no longer maintains any citators in print (i.e., no Shepard’s in print).

Online Resources

Library catalog. Several dedicated terminals on the first, second, and third floors allow patrons to search our online catalog to find books and journals in the library.

LexisNexis Academic. Dedicated terminals on the first and third floors provide access to federal and state cases, statutes, and regulations, plus Shepard’s.

Library databases. The library subscribes to many legal databases and provides access on dedicated terminals. The databases include, but are not limited to, Bloomberg BNA, Bloomberg Law, HeinOnline, Index to Legal Periodicals and Books, and ProQuest Congressional.

Citation Texts

The Bluebook (20th ed.), REFERENCE KF245 .B58.

Understanding and Mastering the Bluebook: A Guide for Students and Practitioners, REFERENCE KF245 .B37 2010 and 3rd floor KF245 .B37 2007.

Prince’s Bieber Dictionary of Legal Abbreviations: A Reference Guide for Attorneys, Legal Secretaries, Paralegals, and Law Students, REFERENCE KF246 .B46 2009; older edition on 3rd floor, KF246 .P73 2001.

Research Texts

Dictionary of Legal Terms: Definitions and Explanations for Non-lawyers!, REFERENCE KF156 .G534 2016.

The Legal Research and Writing Handbook: A Basic Approach for Paralegals (6th ed.), REFERENCE KF240 .Y45 2012.

Legal Research Explained (3d ed.), REFERENCE KF240 .B683 2014.

Legal Research: How to Find & Understand the Law, REFERENCE KF240 .E35 2009.

Legal Research in a Nutshell, RESERVE KF240 .C54 2013, older 3rd floor KF240 .C54 2010.

Basic Legal Research: Tools and Strategies, RESERVE KF240 .S585 2012, older on 3rd floor KF240 .S66 2009.

Note to Instructors: If you are an instructor of paralegal students who would like to schedule a tour for your students, or if you have questions about our resources, rules, or policies, please contact Melanie Knapp, Head of Reference & Instructional Services.

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Last updated: January 2017