Forms are available in print and online.

Forms are aids for drafting legal documents. They may provide drafting guides, checklists, sample clauses, and form documents for substantive or procedural issues. They are designed with typical matters in mind. You should always check them against controlling law and modify them to meet your own particular needs.

Two types of forms: 

  • Pleadings and practice forms, which typically include documents that will be filed with the court (complaints, answers, replies, counterclaims, etc.)
  • Transactional, i.e., instruments that are not necessarily litigious in nature, such as leases, contracts, and wills. 

General Forms:

These include sample forms for a wide range of topics. Examples include:

  • West’s Legal Forms. KF1384 .A65 .W47. Also available on Westlaw.
  • American Jurisprudence Legal Forms. Available on Westlaw.

Pleading and Practice Forms:

  • Moore's Manual. Federal Practice Forms, by James Wm. Moore, Louis R. Frumer. KF8836 .M66. Located on the 3rd Floor. Also available on Lexis.
  • American Jurisprudence Pleading and Practice Forms Annotated. Available on Westlaw.

Drafting Guides:

Legal drafting titles are located in the KF250 call number range, and contract drafting titles are in the KF807 call number range. Newer editions are on RESERVE at the Circulation Desk or in the REFERENCE section. Older editions--though not listed here--are on the third floor and can be checked out.

Virginia Forms and CLE (Continuing Legal Education):

These are located at the Circulation Desk on Reserve; or on the Second Floor, Virginia section.

Virginia Legal Forms Online Database:

  • Virginia Legal Forms provides several thousand legal forms, including business, personal, litigation and federal forms, that you can download and edit.

Lexis Advance (Mason Law users only):

Suggested forms databases include:

  • Current Legal Forms.  Includes forms for general business, intellectual property, commercial real estate, family law, labor & employment, agricultural law, corporations & securities.
  • Moore's Federal Practice. Includes forms for federal litigation.
  • Virginia Forms
  • VA Business and Commercial Forms

Westlaw (Mason Law users only):

Suggested forms databases include:

  • AmJur Legal Forms
  • AmJur Pleading and Practice
  • Corporate Forms
  • Fletcher Corporation Forms Annotated
  • West's Legal Forms
  • West's McKinney Forms

Bloomberg Law (Law Library access only):

Bloomberg Law provides a database of example transactional documents. These differ from forms because they are real documents used in real deals, rather than forms drafted for use in typical situations. You can access these examples in the DealMaker Documents section of Bloomberg Law. Please see a Reference Librarian for help using the Bloomberg Law terminals in the Library.

Popular Works:

Many titles intended for the non-lawyers have forms that are useful to law students and lawyers, too. Many are published by, formerly Nolo Press. They are located in the Reference Section on the First Floor. Older editions are on the third floor and can be checked out. They often have CDs available at the Circulation Desk. Some are available electronically through the catalog. Examples include:

Subject-Specific Formbooks:

Some examples follow. For other publications search the GMU Library Catalog or consult a Reference Librarian. 

Subject-Specific Formbooks - Business Entities

Subject-Specific Formbooks – Employment Agreements

Labor and Employment law books are shelved on the Law Library Third Floor, Range 326-327. Employment agreements are also covered in the Contracts collection, Range 319, Law Library Third Floor.

Subject Specific Formbooks - Intellectual Property

Intellectual property law books are shelved on the Law Library Third Floor, Ranges 324-325.

For more information on Intellectual Property resources, see the Library's Intellectual Property Research Guide.

Subject-Specific Formbooks – Legislation, United States

Law Library First Floor, Range 112-113. See also materials on Third Floor, Range 327.

Subject-Specific Formbooks – Legislation, International

Subject-Specific Formbooks – Real Estate

Law Library Third Floor, Range 318. 

Subject-Specific Formbooks – Wills & Trusts

The Estate Planning collection is located on the Law Library Third Floor, Ranges 318.

Internet Sources

  • FindLaw Forms. Provides links to forms on FindLaw and to collections at other web sites.
  • Legalzoom. Provides downloadable, customizable forms for a fee.
  • US Legal Forms. Forms for a fee, organized by industry and type.

Last updated February 24, 2017