The Law Library provides all Mason law students with a free subscription to West’s online Study Aids. Students can conveniently access these materials from their Westlaw accounts. First year students will receive access to this database during Orientation. For assistance with using the online Study Aids, please see one of the reference librarians in the Law Library, First Floor, Room 146.

What is the Study Aids Subscription?

  • An online subscription based service that provides electronic access to over 350 study aids from West, Foundation and Gilberts.
  • Unlimited access to ALL available study aids.
  • Ability to take notes, highlight and “mark up” your study aids.
  • Ability to create a list of “favorite” study aids for easy access.

How are the Study Aids accessed?

Students may access these materials through their Westlaw account: When you sign-in to Westlaw, you will see a series of links under "Featured Content for Students."  Click on the link to "Study Aids Subscription." The first time you click, you will have to create a login for the Study Aids, but every time after that will be seamless, unlimited access to all of the study aids. You can search them or browse them by subject. Students may also access the Study Aids from our list of Law-Related Databases or directly here. Please remember to "Sign In" to access your personal favorites and recently viewed study aids.

What content is available?

These two documents list available titles as of August 2014 (new titles are regularly added): Hornbooks PDF file, and other study aids PDF file.

Over 500 study aids from West, Foundation and Gilberts in the following series:

  • Academic Success — Provide advice for academic and emotional success in the first year of law school.
  • Acing Series — A checklist format leads you through the questions to ask to fully evaluate a legal problem.
  • Black Letter Outline — Succinct, in-depth summaries and incisive review questions from nationally recognized experts identify a practice area's legal principles and issues and provide citations to major texts.
  • Career Guides — A broad selection of employment and career guides to help you find the perfect legal job and successfully manage your career.
  • Concise Hornbook Series — Conveniently sized and expertly written, they provide comprehensive coverage of the most crucial issues.
  • Exam Pro — Simulations of actual law school exams, presenting detailed fact patterns, multiple-choice and essay exam questions, and detailed answers that explain why they are the best option.
  • Gilbert Law Summaries — Timesaving study guides useful for class review and exam preparation.
  • High Court Case Summaries — Expertly written briefs that clarify key information from casebook cases. Briefs cover the court's opinion and all concurring and dissenting opinions.
  • Hornbook — Provides in-depth information in a scholarly, yet direct way.
  • Law StoriesContributors bring famous cases to life by telling the true, never-heard-before stories behind landmark cases.
  • Nutshell —  Brief, accurate and easy-to-understand summations of numerous fields of law covering the most important issues and highlighting key cases and statutes.
  • Sum and Substance Quick Review Series — Concise outlines, case illustrations, hypotheticals, clarifying questions, and exam tips give you the big picture of a field of law and make exam preparation easier and quicker.
  • Short and Happy SeriesStudent guides that take difficult subject matter and make it accessible and easy to remember with colorful acronyms, metaphor and imagery.
  • Turning Point Series — Supplements to classroom discussions; brief but skillful treatment of crucial and complex legal topics such as equal protection, insider trading, and the economics of civil procedure.

Can material be printed?

You can print an ulimited number of single pages - one page at a time. You can also print multiple pages up to 150 pages per month (a month is defined as 30 days). After the multiple page allotment is reached, you can continue printing one page at a time until the next month begins.

Can material be copy and pasted?

Yes. By using the document viewer copy-to-clipboard functionality, you are free to copy materials into your notes and outlines.

Can the Online Book be viewed on a eReader device, such as a Kindle or Nook?

No, not at this time. The Online Book is a web-based electronic version of the content that is accessible through any standard browser that is compatible with Adobe Flash.

Can these products be viewed on a mobile device, such as an iPad or iPhone?

Yes. These products can be viewed on any device with an internet connection. However, the viewing experience on these mobile devices is limited (i.e. you can read the book, however, you cannot highlight, take notes, or search in the book. You also cannot see the highlights and annotations you have previously made on your online version of the book). There is no downloadable text or PDF made available to customers.

Where is the doc viewer functionality?

It is located down the right hand side of the document—print, highlight, etc.

Can the font size of the material be adjusted?

Yes. The document viewer allows you to adjust the font size for better readability.