The Law Library provides all Scalia law students with a free subscription to West Academic Study Aids. First year students will receive access to this database during Orientation. For assistance with using the online Study Aids, please see one of the reference librarians in the Law Library, First Floor, Room 146. 

What is the Study Aids Subscription?

  • An online subscription based service that provides electronic access to hundreds of study aids from West, Foundation and Gilberts.
  • Unlimited access to ALL available study aids.
  • Ability to take notes, highlight and “mark up” your study aids.
  • Ability to create a list of “favorite” study aids for easy access.

How are the Study Aids accessed?

Sign-in to Westlaw. Click on Resources (top right). Under Study & Exam, click My Study Aids.


Create a West Academic account which allows you to take notes, highlight, save favorites, download titles for offline access, and more.
1. Go to
2. Click Create an Account in the upper right-hand corner and follow the prompts
3. Please use your school email address
4. Setup your account and verify your email address
Once your account is properly set-up, you can log-in independently from your school’s network.

What content is available?

Hundreds of study aids from West Academic Publishing, Foundation Press, and Gilberts in the following series:

  • Acing Series
  • Black Letter Outlines
  • Bridge to Practice
  • Building Skills Series
  • Career Guides
  • Concepts and Insights
  • Concise Hornbook Series
  • Developing Professional Skill
  • Exam Pro Series
  • Flash Cards
  • Gilbert Law Summaries
  • Global Issues
  • High Court Case Summaries
  • Hornbooks
  • Law School Legends Audio Series
  • Law Stories
  • Legalines
  • Nutshells
  • Quick Reviews
  • Short & Happy Guides
  • Sum and Substance Audio

Can material be printed?

Yes. You can print unlimited pages from the browser view of a book. In the eReader that supports highlighting and note taking, you can print up to 90% of any book, though not in a single session. Within any session you can print up to 5% of a book.

Can material be copy and pasted?

Yes. By using the document viewer copy-to-clipboard functionality, you are free to copy materials into your notes and outlines.

Is there a Mobile App Available?

Yes. You can visit the Apple App Store or Google Play, search for the West Academic Library App, and download the app to your mobile device. See the West Academic Library App brochure for detailed instructions.

Can the font size of the material be adjusted?

Yes. The document viewer allows you to adjust the font size for better readability.