Byrne Travels to Asia for Conferences and Briefings

Over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, Professor James Byrne traveled to Asia for a series of executive briefings and conferences in Beijing, Singapore, and Taipei.

While in Beijing, Byrne made presentations regarding significant trends and developments in letters of credit to heads of Foreign Trade from major Chinese banks at the invitation of JPMorgan Chase. Byrne also had a meeting with Judge Xiang Gao, recently retired from the Peoples’ Supreme Court and appointed Dean of the Law School for Commercial Law Studies at China University of Politics & Law in Beijing to discuss future collaboration. Judge Gao is a noted letter of credit expert.

While in Singapore, Byrne joined Soh Chee Seng in conducting programs for the Association of Banks in Singapore regarding INCOTERMS 2010, recent cases, and Opinions of the International Chamber of Commerce. Soh is Technical Advisor to ICC China and the Association of Banks in Singapore, and Associate Director of the Institute of International Banking Law & Practice. Byrne met with Judge V.K. Raja of the Supreme Court of Singapore to discuss the doctrine of unconscionability in letters of credit in Singapore jurisprudence, and dined with the parents of Andrey Kuznetsov (3L-D) who are research scientists stationed in Singapore.

In Taipei, Byrne and Soh gave a one day seminar entitled 2011 Letter of Credit Review that covered important letter of credit court decisions, recent ICC Opinions, and topics of current interest.