The Journal of Law Makes Its Debut

Professor Ross Davies has announced publication of the inaugural issue of a new journal, The Journal of Law, comprising a collection of small, unconventional law journals published jointly in one volume.

In explaining the concept behind the journal's unique approach, Davies says, "The idea is that The Journal of Law will be an incubator, of sorts, providing for legal intellectuals something akin to what business schools' incubators offer commercial entrepreneurs: friendly, small-scale, in-kind support for promising, unconventional ideas for which (a) there might be a market, but (b) there is not yet backing among established, deep-pocketed powers-that-be.

The journal is not tied to any particular institution, subject, specialty, or method. The bundling method of publications is more cost effective and also frees editors of the individual journals to focus on content rather than printing and distribution issues, explains Davies.

The first issue of The Journal of Law contains three journals:

Pub. L. Misc. is a project of James C. Ho of Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher and Trevor W. Morrison of the Columbia University School of Law. Their journal gives publication to constitutional documents, recent and ancient, that originate outside of Article III of the U.S. Constitution.

Law & Commentary is an experiment in non-blind peer review in which signed reviews (by senior, influential scholars) are published side-by-side with the reviewed work.

The Congressional Record, FantasyLaw Edition, is a student-edited journal (formerly an adjunct to the Green Bag) focusing on empirical analysis of the activities of federal legislators.

The concepts behind Davies' new journal are explained in depth in an SSRN Research Paper.

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