Malcolm Speaks at Duke Law School

Professor Joyce Lee Malcolm was a guest speaker on November 7 at Duke Law School, where she delivered a presentation for the Federalist Society comparing English and American criminal law. The talk was entitled "Riot!"

On a similar note, an essay by Malcolm on the August 2011 London riots currently appears in the London Society Journal, as well. In the article, entitled "The Road to the London Riots Was Paved with Good Intentions," Malcolm explores the recent history of British policy and law on self-defense in an effort to provide better understanding of the riots. 

The Road to the London Riots Was Paved with Good Intentions, London Society Journal, Issue 462 (Winter 2011/Spring  2012) By Joyce Lee Malcolm.

"The illusion that disarming the British public would produce a safer community has proven tragically false. It has transformed a once peaceful country into a violent one. A government's first duty is to protect its people, but since no police force, however large, can protect everyone all the time, people must be allowed to protect themselves. And offenders must be punished, despite the financial cost. The riots were a wake-up call."

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