Puppies Provide Pre-Exam Stress Relief

Student studies with puppy on lap









For those law students who suffer from pre-exam jitters, a pack of small, yipping puppies provided a welcome break from the rigors of exam preparation when the law school partnered with A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation to arrange the visit of 14 wiggling pups on April 28.

The event, now referred to as "Puppy Day," was the brainchild of law school staff member Rusty O'Connor and was made possible by Debbie Marson of the foundation, who arrived along with two volunteers and the puppies, which were placed in small enclosures in the law school atrium. There under the watchful eye of their caretakers, the Rottweiler/Shepherd mixes, hound mixes, and Miniature Pinschers tumbled and played to the enjoyment of those who came to visit them.

Between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m., stressed-out law students took full advantage of the opportunity to handle the puppies and enjoy their antics while receiving the benefit of a cuddle and a lick on the cheek before having to return to more serious business.

Allison Tisdale, SBA Vice President of Social Affairs, was enthusiastic about the puppy visit, saying, "The students  were raving about it, and I think that it was the perfect break from studying for finals."

A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation is a non-profit dog rescue group in Chantilly that operates in the Northern Virginia/Washington Metropolitan area. Its stated goal is finding permanent homes for dogs by making quality dogs available for adoption and matching prospective adopters with the right animal.



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