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The Return of Puppy Day

Puppy DayAs the semester winds down to its close, the law school prepares for the return of "Puppy Day," the very popular pre-exam stress buster in which frazzled law students can take a break from the rigors of exam preparation and enjoy the happiness of a warm puppy.

A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation staff and volunteers will come to the law school on Thursday, December 1, with a pack of puppies whose jobs it will be to soothe the souls of weary law students. Plan to join them between 11 a.m. and 1 p.m. in the Levy Atrium to enjoy the antics of the pups and to take a needed break from the serious business of studying for exams.

A Forever-Home Rescue Foundation is a non-profit dog rescue group in Chantilly that operates in the Northern Virginia/Washington Metropolitan area. Its stated goal is finding permanent homes for dogs by making quality dogs available for adoption and matching prospective adopters with the right animal.

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