Justice Thomas (Bobblehead) Takes a Bow

Jusstice Thomas BobbleheadOne would guess that it is a thrilling moment for Associate Justice Clarence Thomas, as his long-awaited bobblehead image takes its place among its illustrious Supreme Court bobblehead peers.

And the trinket, produced by Professor Ross Davies for The Green Bag, makes its debut just in time for Thomas's twentieth anniversary as a member of the U.S. Supreme Court in October 2011.

Thomas is the eighth sitting Supreme Court Justice memorialized with one of Davies' bobbleheads. Six other justices in the High Court's history have been similarly honored. Recent-day justices have been created in the order they became members of the Court, beginning with the late William Rehnquist. By that tradition, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is next in line for the honor.

Like all the preceding bobbleheads, Thomas's image is bedecked with symbols of cases for which he is well known. Holding aloft an American flag, Thomas's bobbling persona stands astride an eighteen-wheeler and two pizza boxes. An image of The Annotated Bobblehead provides the citations for the various symbols.

Davies' bobbleheads are manufactured by Alexander Global Promotions in limited edition runs. The majority of the dolls are given to some, but not all, Green Bag subscribers. Others are auctioned at law school charity events. A few have fetched high prices in the eBay marketplace. And, of course, a bobblehead normally appears in the honored justice's chambers, courtesy of cooperative law clerks.

To read more about Davies' bobbleheads, visit The Green Bag website.

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