Wright Article Cited in Wall Street Journal

In discussing the investigation of Google as a monopolist, a story in the July 11 edition of The Wall Street Journal cites an article by Professor Joshua Wright entitled, "If Search Neutrality is the Answer, What's the Question?" Co-written with legal academic Geoffrey Manne, the article makes the point that by serving consumers well, Google makes it harder for competitors, but that in itself is not an antitrust violation. Wright and Manne also ridicule the idea of a "Federal Search Commission" to monitor search providers.

Rather than letting consumers chose between the search engines available to them on the Internet, other search companies, including Microsoft, are attempting to lobby regulators and politicians to stop what is being termed "Google's march toward an 'unregulatable monopoly.'"

In the U.S. Google currently has a 65% share of the search market;however, consumers can make an easy choice to click on another search provider, rather than use Google, if they wish.

Google's 'Monopoly' Hex,The Wall Street Journal, July 11, 2011. By L. Gordon Crovitz.

"Silicon Valley tends to look on earlier cutting-edge industries as benighted, but when it comes to big government, too many digerati are political naïfs. Entrepreneurs who build successful technology companies often end up urging regulators to go after new competitors. Microsoft of all companies should be wary of the unpredictable results on firms and industries once the furies of regulators, legislators and plaintiff lawyers are unleashed.

"Unlike regulators, few in Silicon Valley these days view Google as an unstoppable force. Entrepreneurs and venture capitalists should recall that leaders of earlier industries such as steel and autos were at least sophisticated enough to know that business executives need to hang together against regulators or risk getting hanged separately."