Alden Addresses Visiting Tibetan Jurists

On August 27, 2012, Leslie M. Alden, Senior Lecturer in Law and retired judge of the Fairfax County, Virginia, Circuit Court, gave an address to judges from the Tibet Autonomous Region.  The visiting judges, a group that included members of the High People's Court, the Intermediate People's Court, and members of the general trial courts, were guests of the International Judicial Academy, an international  judicial education organization headquartered in Washington, D.C.

The judicial officers from Tibet constituted the first group of Tibetan jurists selected by the Chinese government to travel to the United States. While in the U.S., the jurists learned about the importance of the rule of law and an independent judiciary, general federal/state legal principles, and about the best practices in general court administration in the United States.

Judge Alden spoke to the guests about recent developments and emerging trends in the U.S. legal and judicial system.