Davies Introduces Latest Supreme Court Sluggers Card

Professor Ross Davies has introduced the most recent of his Supreme Court Sluggers baseball cards, one featuring the visage of the late Associate Justice Abe Fortas. The card is part of a series that features both past and present justices. Its portrait of Fortas was rendered by artist John A. Sargent III, a frequent contributor to the Sluggers series.

"There is a painfully obvious choice for the baseball great on whom to base a 'Supreme Court Sluggers' card for Justice Abe Fortas: Shoeless Joe Jackson, star outfielder of the Chicago White Sox from 1915 to 1920. Both men were supremely talented and widely regarded by contemporaries as among the most accomplished professionals in their respective fields. But each failed spectacularly, driven from his high-status role based on plausible but still-debated grounds of corruption," say Davies and his collaborators in a paper available on SSRN.

Davies' stated goals for producing the Supreme Court Sluggers card series are to develop and share comparable measurements of the work of every member of the Supreme Court since 1789; to gradually expand and refine those measurements with an eye to making them as useful and interesting as possible; to create informative, entertaining, and unorthodox yet respectful portraits of the Justices by first-rate artists; and to present all of this material in a way that will be enjoyable for the producers, consumers, and subjects of the “Sluggers” cards.

Fortas Sluggers Card

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