Greve Lectures, Workshop Provide for Busy Month

Professor Michael Greve's multiple Constitution Day lectures on "Constitutional Moments" made for a busy September calendar, as he made the presentations at Villanova Law School on September 5, Princeton University/James Madison Center on September 14, Mason Law on September 18, and Emory University on September 19.

On September 21, Greve also presented the first of three workshops on Erie Railroad's 75th Anniversary. The event was organized by Greve and Richard A. Epstein of New York University Law School and conducted under the auspices of the American Enterprise Institute featuring papers by Sam Issacharoff of New York University Law School and  Ernest Young of Duke Law School. The full set of essays and paper will appear in the Fall 2012 issue of the Journal of Law, Economics & Policy

In addition, Greve's article entitled "Our Federalism is not Europe's. It's Becoming Argentina's." was published in 7 Duke Journal of Constitutional Law 17 (2012).