Hazlett Discusses Reverse Auctions in Brookings Program

Professor Thomas Hazlett took part in a discussion of reverse auctions at a June 15 forum sponsored by the Brookings Institution's Center for Technology Innovation and held at their Washington, D.C. location.

The event, entitled "Improving Spectrum Access Through Reverse Auctions," was a discussion of the coming spectrum shortage and which policy levers should be used to alleviate it.

Joining Hazlett in the discussion were Chris Guttman-McCabe, vice president for regulatory affairs at the Cellular Telecommunications Industry Association; Peter Pitsch, Executive Director, Communications and Associate General Counsel, Intel Corporation; and Mark Fratrik, Vice President and Chief Economist, BIA/Kelsey. Darrell West, vice president and director of governance studies and founding director of the Center for Technology Innovation at Brookings, served as the event moderator.

Featured speaker for the event was Thomas C. Power, Deputy Chief Technology Officer for Telecommunications, Office of Science & Technology Policy, Executive Office of the President.

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