Hazlett Speaks at Forum on the Wireless Boom

Professor Thomas Hazlett was a participant in a forum on "The Economic Implications of the Wireless Boom" held at the National Press Club on May 1. The event was sponsored by the Progressive Policy Institute and featured an address by Roger Entner, founder of Recon Analytics, who discussed some of the economic benefits of the wireless broadband industry.

Hazlett took part in a roundtable discussion along with Jim Cicconi, Senior Executive Vice President, External and Legislative Affairs, AT&T, and Michael Mandel, Chief Economic Strategist, Progressive Policy Institute and author of the study, "Where the Jobs Are: The App Economy."

Hazlett commented that over-the-air broadcast television is a highly inefficient distribution form, despite the value of its content. He noted that when broadcasters have new programming, they distribute it over cable TV or the Web, rather than as digital subchannels of their broadcast systems.

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