Manne Oral History Preserved by SEC Historical Society

Henry ManneIn August of this year, Mason Law Dean Emeritus Henry G. Manne gave an oral history of his life, influences, and work to the Securities and Exchange Commission Historical Society's virtual museum and archive on the history of financial regulation.  

Manne is considered a trailblazer in the development of law and economics, not only as a prominent and influential scholar, but also as an academic entrepreneur. He spurred the development of law and economics into the most influential area of legal scholarship through his Economics Institutes for Law Professors and Law Institutes for Economics Professors.

Manne served as dean of the George Mason School of Law from 1986 to 1996, modeling the school's curriculum on a plan he devised to promote interdisciplinary learning and the use of intellectual tracks in law schools, forming the basis of the track system still used by the law school to provide students with expertise in specific areas of law.  

An Honorary Life Member of the American Law and Economics Association, Manne was honored by that organization as one of the four founders of the field of Law and Economics. He launched the Law and Economics Center at Emory University and the University of Miami before bringing it to George Mason. His monograph, An Intellectual History of the School of Law, George Mason University, traces the development of the law and economics movement and highlights the special contributions made by George Mason University School of Law to the movement.