Mossoff a Panelist in Copyright Reform Program

Professor Adam Mossoff joined four other free marketeers with diverse views on copyright to explore the debate among conservatives and libertarians over the purpose of copyright, how it interacts with other rights, and other questions in a discussion entitled "CopyRIGHT: Can Free Marketeers Agree on Copyright Reform?"

The December 13 Capitol Hill event was sponsored by TechFreedom, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, and the International Center for Law & Economics. Tech Freedom President Berin Szoka served as moderator of the panel. In addition to Mossoff, the panelists were Jerry Brito, Senior Research Fellow, Mercatus Center at George Mason University; Larry Downes, author; Geoffrey Manne, Lecturer in Law, Lewis & Clark Law School and Executive Director, ICLE; and Ryan Radia, Associate Director of Technology Studies, Competitive Enterprise Institute.