Mossoff in Politico: Lessons From the Sewing Machine War

The May 1 issue of Politico contains remarks made by Professor Adam Mossoff in discussing the content of his research paper, "The Rise and Fall of the First Patent Thicket: The Sewing Machine War of the 1850s." 

Mossoff proposes that today's smartphone combatants could learn from a time when the sewing machine was the focus of technology patent battles.

Mossoff's paper challenges "the widely held assumption that this is a modern problem arising from alledgedly new issues in the patent system, such as incremental high-tech innovation and the impact of 'patent trolls.'" He suggests that the formation of the first private patent pool, which resolved the Sewing Machine War, might offer solutions to current litigation.

Read Mossoff's paper on SSRN