Student Articles to be Published in ITC TLA 337 Reporter

Photo of Tom Randall Photo of Mark HendersonArticles written by two Mason Law students while they served as summer associates have been selected for publication in the Paul J. Luckern Summer Associate Edition of the ITC TLA 337 Reporter.

Mason Law students Tom Randall (far left) and Mark Henderson, both of whom expect to graduate in May 2013,  recently received the news that their papers had been selected for the honor. In addition, on November 7 Randall and Henderson each will receive an award at the annual meeting of the International Trade Commission Trial Lawyers Association in Washington, D.C., for having written one of the top three submissions to the publication. 

Randall's article is titled "Standard-Essential Patents and Exclusion Orders: Weighing the Public Interest" and generally discusses the International Trade Commission's authority to decline to issue exclusion orders for products that rely on standard-essential technology, using the Commission's "public interest" authority. Randall wrote the article while spending the summer in the IP group at King & Spaulding LLP's New York Office.

"The selection for publication and the award are a great honor, and I'm looking forward to the ITC-TLA (Trial Lawyers Association) with Chief Judge Rader of the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals," commented Randall. "The topic itself is of growing importance in patent law, and I was glad to have the opportunity to write on it."

Henderson, who was a summer associate at Oblon, Spivak, McClelland, Maier & Neustadt L.L.P., was co-author with Siddharth Narayan of "Deep Impact Or Business As Usual? An Analysis Of The Potential Effects Of The AIA On Section 337 Investigations." Narayan is a University of Maryland JD candidate.