Schleicher on "City Unplanning"

A paper published by Professor David Schleicher entitled "City Unplanning" has generated significant media interest.

Schleicher's paper endeavors to provide a basis for looking at city planning and zoning though a different lens. "Prior approaches, be they inspired by public choice or regime theory or whatever else, treat the outcomes of land use to either be a black box of voter preferences or the inevitable result of social forces that cannot be influenced by political decisions. What this paper has argued is that this is both a too narrow and too limiting perspective. Instead, it has argued that the limits we place on the development of our built environment are contingent and path-dependent. Further, changing how we make land use decisions -- that is, changing land use law and procedure -- can affect the content of those decisions. Our cities are our own and the law of city planning matters to how they look and how we live," he writes.

Schleicher's paper is available in its entirety on SSRN.

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