Somin Debates Health Care Reform at WLF Event

Professor Ilya Somin took part in a debate-style briefing sponsored by the Washington Legal Foundation (WLF) on March 13 in Washington, D.C. The briefing was entitled "Prepping for Judicial Surgery: A Crash Course on Health Care Reform in the U.S. Supreme Court" and was an effort to probe major arguments for and against the Affordable Care Act and offer thoughts on forthcoming oral arguments at the Supreme Court.

Somin presented his remarks as Counsel to WLF as amicus curiae in HHS v. Florida. He was joined by Andrew Pincus of Mayer Brown LLP as Counsel to Constitutional Law Scholars as amicus curiae in HHS v. Florida. Thomas Goldstein of Goldstein & Russell LLP served as moderator of the event.

In a follow-up article appearing in CQ Healthbeat, both Somin and Pincus stated they believe the Supreme Court will rule on the constitutionality of the law, rather than postponing a decision. Somin said he believes it is likely the court will decide on the merits of the case, partly because it is a better legal argument and "partly because the court recognizes both sides and the country as a whole want a decision on the issue."

The program may be viewed on C-SPAN's video library.

Will the Supreme Court Punt on the Health Care Law? Two Experts Doubt It, CQ HealthBeat, March 13, 2012. By Jane Norman. View by subscription.

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