Somin Quoted in USA Today Regarding Health Care Challenge

A March 16 edition of USA Today contains the remarks of Professor Ilya Somin regarding the health care law's mandate for the purchase of health insurance. The new law's opponents argue that the insurance requirement opens to door to other required purchases.

If Americans are forced to purchase health insurance, says Somin, Congress could seek to impose "a broccoli mandate, a car-purchase mandate, really any other mandate you'd want." He adds, "There are lots of interest groups that would love to lobby Congress to require people to buy their products."

Somin is the author of an amicus brief filed with the Court on behalf of the Washington Legal Foundation, a group that opposes the health care law.

Health care challenge: Matter of mandates, USA Today, March 16, 2012. By Richard Wolf.

"Although the health care challenge is divided into four areas and will be argued over three days, many opponents say the critical test for the government is proving that a health insurance mandate won't lead to others. Never before, they say, has Congress forced Americans to buy something against their will.

"The purpose of the mandate is to ensure that new insurance market reforms in the law work as intended. One limits the ability of health insurers to vary premiums based on factors such as gender and health status. Another prohibits insurers from denying coverage to applicants with pre-existing conditions."

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