Verret in Cedar Rapids Gazette: Republicans Require Romney's Experience


"Election 2012 will be about jobs and the economy," predicts Professor J.W. Verret in an op-ed appearing in the Cedar Rapids Gazette. "It also will be about two competing visions of the government’s relationship with companies: whether those companies are publicly traded or privately held, and whether they have 10 employees or 10,000."

"The Republicans will require a nominee who has real economy CEO experience, Romney, to challenge Obama’s record," says Verret.

Verret believes the president will argue that large corporations were the cause of the financial crisis and that the new rules he has put in place will prevent such crises in the future. He also argues that the president will attempt to sidestep financial reform's failure to address Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, which he views as prime causes of the financial crisis.

"Gov. Mitt Romney’s record at Bain Capital and his statements on the campaign trail urging respect for the rights of investors and employees of corporations shows that he is ready for the fight," says Verret.

Competing visions for economy, business, The Gazette, January 1, 2012. By J.W. Verret.
"The 2012 presidential election will focus on jobs and the economy. President Barack Obama will be eager to tout his accomplishments in office, including passage of financial reform and the stimulus bill. The Republican nominee will be called upon to make a forceful and direct case to the American people that Obama’s record has made the economy worse.

"It will be a year where competing visions of the economy will be presented to the American people. Obama’s vision is a centrally regulated and planned economy based on stimulus spending. His opponent will need to show that America is a business-focused economic engine anxious for government to get out of the way.

"This also will require a discussion about the future of corporations that form the heart of economic innovation and that are heavily regulated by the government."