Alvare Writes in Online Symposium

Professor Helen Alvaré participated in an online symposium focusing on the question, "Does the Shape of Families Shape Faith?" 

Alvaré's contribution to the symposium, entitled "Marrying Romance and Children, From the Very Beginning," argues that unless men and women understand their romantic lives to be linked to the creation of children, "they will too easily succumb to the temptation to treat their partner as a means to an end, and to sever the partnership when the partner disappoints."

"State and federal governments have, in recent decades, put some effort toward emphasizing the need to keep children’s interests front and center in discussions about marriage. But not nearly enough," says Alvaré. She adds that churches have a role to play, too, "to minister quite actively to marriage, to divorced couples, and to the children of both." 

Scholars and opinion leaders joining Alvaré in the symposium were William (Beau) Weston, Rev. Laura A. Phillips, Catherine Pakaluk, Rev Andrew Packman, Leah Misch, Christine Kim, Rev. Michael Karunas, Linda Ranson Jacobs, the Rev'd Mark Diebel, and Chap Clark.