Alvare Presses for Greater Support for Women in the Workplace

Speaking at a Vatican news conference highlighting some of the issues at the forefront of an international congress sponsored by the Pontifical Council for the Laity, Professor Helen Alvaré called for greater support for women as mothers and wives. Alvaré joined nearly 200 jurists and others attending the gathering, which focused on family rights amid current challenges.

Alvaré noted that Western Europe is quite advanced in areas of support, "but is not joined by many, many countries in the degree of its policies that allow women to work and take care of their children."

Saying that little is done to assist women in the workplace who wish to have children, Alvaré cited lack of paid maternity leave, maternity leave that is of adequate length, and affordable child care as areas among those in need of greater support.

Family law expert seeks more support for women to embrace work, kids, Catholic News Service, September 20 2013. By Carol Glatz.

"Alvare said women want to be in 'good, healthy relationships with men, they wish to marry, to have children, to prioritize their family and to take care of their children, to do justice at home' and to make important contributions outside the home.

"She said women who are poor or minorities are hurt the most by child-free propaganda and policies, explaining that healthy families provide the stability and economic and emotional support that is often lacking in their lives.

"'I think the world's economies are in part deeply affected by the falling apart of the family,' she said."