Camacho to See Publication of Two Articles in Law Journal

Third-year law student Jeremy Camacho will celebrate his final semester in law school with the publication of two of his articles in law journals. 

Camacho's article, "I Could Have Been a Contender: Arbitration and the Ali Act," will be released next month in the Sports Lawyers Journal, at 20 Sports Law.J. __ (Spring 2013). A second article, "Is the E-Reader Mightier? Direct Publishing and Entry Barriers," has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Scholarly Publishing, at 44 J. Scholarly Publ'g __ (July 2013). 

Camacho, a graduate of the University of Virginia with a bachelor's degree in English and Creative Writing, credits several of his law school professors for their valuable contributions to the writing of his journal articles.

 "'I Could Have Been a Contender: Arbitration and the Ali Act' emerged from my strong affection for the sport of boxing," says Camacho." Having interviewed world champions and covered world title fights, I felt the need to comment on the business of the sport." He offers these words from the abstract: "People often say the sport of boxing is corrupt, and in 2000, the United States Congress passed the Muhammad Ali Boxing Reform Act to stop the corruption. However, the Ali Act failed to fix boxing because litigation was too slow and expensive for boxers. Arbitration can help the Ali Act return to its original legislative purpose: stopping corruption and fixing the boxing business." Camacho cites Professor Ilya Somin as being very helpful in formulating his thoughts for the Article.

"'Is the E-Reader Mightier? Direct Publishing and Entry Barriers' came out of a longstanding interest (and one shared by many lawyers, I believe) in novel-writing and the publishing market," Camacho explains. Here is an excerpt: "First-time authors face a choice: do they pursue traditional publication through major publishing houses, or do they instead utilize online direct publishing? This Article asks: what would a young John Grisham do today with his first novel in hand?" "Professor Thomas Hazlett and Professor Tyler Cowen gave very instructive input during the writing of this Article," Camacho comments.