Upcoming Events

Conference on Cyber Security

The GMU School of Law and the GMU Center for Infrastructure Protection will be hosting a conference on strategies for fighting cyber attacks on Tuesday, April 9, in cooperation with the American Center for Democracy. The conference will meet in Room 121 of Hazel Hall from 4:00 to 7:00pm.

The conference will start with a talk by (and opportunity for Q&A with) Rep. Mike Rogers, Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee.  Subsequent speakers will include former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, former CIA Director James Woolsey, former Assistant Secretary of Homeland Security Stewart Baker, former chief legal advisor on cyber issues for the FBI, Steve Chabinsky and Mark Weatherford, current Deputy Undersecretary for Cybersecurity at the Department of Homeland Security.

Refreshments will be provided.

The conference is open to the general public but GMU students and faculty are especially welcome.