Davies on the Music of Judge Learned Hand

Professor Ross Davies, editor-in-chief of the Green Bag journal of law, uncovered a little-known story of how the eminent Judge Learned Hand made a musical recording for the Library of Congress in 1942 while attending a judicial conference at the Supreme Court. 

On that occasion, Hand visited the Library of Congress to record several vocal tracks for the Library's Chief of Music, who was preserving American folk songs and had an interest in a particular folk song known to Hand. Folk song promoter Alan Lomax made the recording, from which the Green Bag has produced 500 copies of the full recording session in a compilation entitled Learned Hand Sings Songs of His Youth.

The Green Bag features a video preview, cover notes, and links to all 13 tracks on its website.

Judge Learned Hand, American Idol? Bloomberg Law, June 17, 2013.

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