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IPLS Event Oct. 29: Patent Litigation at the International Trade Commission

On Tuesday, October 29, at 5:00 p.m. in Hazel Hall, Room 225, George Mason IPLS will present Patent Litigation at the International Trade Commission: A Panel Discussion. The event will feature The Hon. Theodore Essex, ITC Administrative Law Judge; Rich Sterba, Partner, Fish & Richardson; and a representative from the ITC Office of Unfair Import Investigations. Acting as moderator will be Steve Smith, Partner, Cooley LLP and Mason Adjunct Professor.

The International Trade Commission (ITC) has become one of the nation's most important forums for resolution of patent infringement cases. A patentee who successfully litigates at the ITC can get a powerful exclusion order against the infringer, which prohibits that infringer from importing their infringing products into the United States. The ITC has recently made the headlines as the forum where many of the "smart phone wars" have been waged, particularly with the Obama administration's decision this summer to block an ITC exclusion order against Apple from going into effect, marking the first time such an executive order has been issued in over 20 years. The ITC has also been in the news for its use by patent assertion entities, often called "patent trolls."

This event will be engaging and informative for both ITC experts and those who have no experience with the ITC, or even patent law. A panel of experts representing all the major parties to an ITC investigation--the parties' attorneys, the ITC staff attorney, and the Administrative Law Judge--will give a candid discussion about what it is like to litigate at the ITC and the direction in which it is heading. This is an important event for anyone interested in patent law, international law, administrative law, or litigation.

Please contact Mike Ballanco at mballanco@gmail.com with any questions about the event.