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JLEP Ten-Year Anniversary Symposium and Third Annual Henry G. Manne Law and Economics Conference

The Journal of Law, Economics & Policy (JLEP) invites you to attend its ten-year anniversary symposium, The Unique Contributions of Armen Alchian, Robert Bork, and James Buchanan to the George Mason University School of Law, co-hosted by the Law & Economics Center (LEC) as the Third Annual Henry G. Manne Law and Economics Conference.

The event takes place on Friday, November 8, from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. in Founders Hall on George Mason University's Arlington Campus at 3301 Fairfax Drive. The campus is served by Metro's Orange Line via the Virginia Square/GMU station.

This one-day symposium will reflect on the lives and works of three great scholars who contributed in significant ways to Law and Economics at George Mason University School of Law:

  • Armen Alchian taught in the LEC's Economics Institutes for Judges and Law Professors for over 20 years. 
  • Robert Bork taught as an adjunct professor at the law school during its formative years. 
  • James Buchanan was instrumental in the hiring of Henry G. Manne as Dean of GMU School of Law in 1986 — the same year in which Buchanan was awarded the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Science. 

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Free registration 

Meals are included.

Note: All guests must pre-register no later than November 5.

This conference is pending three (3) Virginia CLE Credits

Please send an email to symposiumjlep@gmail.com if interested in attending. Updates will be posted on www.jlep.net.

Questions may be directed to JLEP Symposium Editor Kevin Hill at SymposiumJLEP@gmail.com.