Rabkin in USA Today: Remove Assad

In a USA Today column, Professor Jeremy Rabkin refutes arguments supporting the Russian proposal for a solution in Syria, saying, "The only way we can actually assure that Assad won't use chemical weapons again is to see that Assad is removed from power."

"Perhaps that would be hard to achieve. Perhaps it would pose new dangers, if Assad is simply replaced by extremists of a differ stripe." Rabkin says. "But if we can't see our way to removing Assad, we shouldn't pretend we are acting responsibly be negotiating a fantasy arms control agreement in the midst of a raging civil war."

The Syria solution we can't believe in, USA Today, September 17, 2013. By Jeremy Rabkin.

"Just in terms of basic logistics, putting chemical weapons under international control is not an easy thing – especially in the midst of an ongoing civil war. President Obama has said the United States won't put 'boots on the ground.' So who will guard the Syrian stockpiles? International peace-keepers have been on the round in south Lebanon for almost a decade. They have done almost nothing to stop Hezbollah guerrillas from restocking their arsenal of missiles – though that was supposed to be their main mission. Would international peace-keepers actually risk their lives to defend chemical weapons stockpiles in Syria?"

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