Schleicher Paper Cited in Reuters Article

A paper co-written by Professor David Schleicher was cited in a Reuters news article examining whether mayoral candidates can tackle New York City’s most urgent issues.

The paper in question, Informing Consent: Voter Ignorance, Political Parties, and Election Law, was co-written with Professor Christopher Elmendorf of the University of California at Davis in 2012. In it the authors observe that voters in cities such as New York with partisan elections for local officials vote for the party they support in the national elections, despite the fact that local issues tend to be dramatically different from those occurring at the national level.

Can our mayoral candidates tackle the most urgent city issues? Reuters, April 15, 2013. By Reihan Salam.

"One might be a 'liberal' on abortion rights and federal higher education funding but a 'conservative' on fixing potholes and controlling crime. In an ideal world, we might have local political parties - say, the Free Subways Party, the Stop-and-Friskers, and the Anti-Tax Free Love Alliance - organized around specifically local issues. But national political parties have the First Amendment right to take part in local races, and they take advantage of it." 

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